The dish.

Who is this Anne Lies?

Well, let’s start with the name.
I know. It looks bad.

But, before you jump to any conclusions about my trustworthiness, you might want to know that it’s pronounced with a long ‘e’ — like lease.

Oh, okay. It still looks bad.

The thing about having a name like Lies is that it requires me to be patient with people — and growing up with it pretty much guaranteed that I would develop a sense of humor in life. These are useful skills for a consultant.

I also happen to have more than 15 years' worth of insight and experience in arts and education organizations, so I’m ready to run with you and your team.

The bonus is that I also come equipped with the specialized writing and communication skills that will yield clear, compelling copy and sharp, accurate editing.

I can help you get a handle on your communication workload so that your organization can prosper.